Recycled denim chalk bag

denim chalk bag

Close your eyes and think of the most thoughtful gift you could imagine your co-workers giving you on your last day at work.

Following my last day at Sincerely, we headed off to a bar for farewell drinks at Rickhouse. I was handed a box full of great going away gifts: rolls of 800 ISO film, a bag of Blue Bottle Coffee, and a LIFETIME supply of Postagrams… but what really caught me eye was a climbing chalk bag made out of recycled jeans. I mean, I’ve had a year long RSS search for a bag just like this on Etsy and eBay, and my co-workers found the perfect one.

Or at least I thought they found it, but I nearly teared up that they made this sweet little gift for me on my last day. While I was absorbed in updating all our social media for my transition, a bunch of my co-workers were secretly making this little chalk bag in one of our meeting rooms. So thoughtful guys, I can’t thank you enough for this perfect gift. Hope we get to spend plenty of time climbing together in 2013!






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