Spotting route-setters in their natural habitat

Nothing helps avoid stress or depression quite like climbing does, so it’s no surprise that I hit Mission Cliffs nice and early the morning after I was laid off. I got there right around the same time as the route setters did, which was awesome, because I’ve never really watched them do their thing before. Watching them in action I was shocked at how happy they seemed. I mean, duh, they like climbing, but nobody really loves their day job, do they? Admittedly, I was feeling extra cynical that morning, but even being a professional yo-yoer got tedious some days… these guys seemed like they couldn’t be happier.

“Dancing? Seriously? Do they know I’m filming them or something?”

Being a rougher day than normal, I returned to the gym that night and was surprised to find many of the setters still there…. on their off time… just hanging out and climbing 11 hours later.

I started feeling envious, then I remembered how happy I used to feel when I was tailoring part time for Self Edge and making wallets and coffee cozies out of denim scraps to sell on Etsy. Shit, I was probably just as happy as these guys are. A lot of opportunities have been appearing in this last week, but I might just go back to that happy dude making crafts out of my apartment… Either way, I think 2013 is going to be a pretty awesome year.






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