A fancy Superbowl spread for the Father Alfred Center

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Munchery here before, which is a shame because it’s AWESOME. Most delivery in SF is limited to heavy foods, but Munchery offers really fantastic meals straight from gourmet chefs to your door. If we were doing the “It’s like ____ for ____” game, Munchery would be the Uber for chefs.

Usually, Munchery only delivers Monday through Friday, but this year they are doing a special Superbowl Spread menu (wings and fancy things) and decided to promote it with a special contest giveaway. I entered, because I always enter these types of things, and was delighted to find out that I won $60 in food. The only thing is, I don’t really care about the Superbowl, in fact we’ll be camping and climbing in Pinnacles while it’s going on. So I started looking for folks to donate the food to.

Turns out that many shelters don’t take unpackaged/pre-cooked donations. Luckily, my friend Troy put me in touch with St. Anthony’s dinning room program, which put me in touch with someone else, who talked to someone else… and finally I was talking with the Father Alfred Center, who help addicts get back into regular work habits in a safe environment. They’ll be having a little Superbowl party and are really psyched about getting three orders of the 9 Layer Dip to celebrate with. I’m still a bit low on cash right now, but if anyone is interested, you can donate to Father Alfred here. $250 provides six weeks of job prep and training for a person in recovery.

Thanks to Munchery and Dave Makrinos from Father Alfred Center for making this happen.







2 responses to “A fancy Superbowl spread for the Father Alfred Center

  1. SF girl Avatar
    SF girl

    That’s so cool that you donated the food to such a deserving program. I use to work in the TL and know that St. Anthony’s does great work for the community!

  2. DocPop Avatar

    Thanks. I hope they enjoyed it.

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