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The ghost of San Francisco Camera sits on the windows of a 2nd floor storefront on Market and 6th where many of the photos from my zine come from. The repair shop is long gone, but I thought it would be cool to use it’s faded hand painted visage as inspiration for American Analog’s logo.

To research my logo, I started with an iPhone photo that I warped into a more straight-forward perspective using the Frontview app. I then ran this through a few font detecting apps, like What The Font, and quickly realized this was not going to a matter of simply matching a font because there was no single font used. The lettering appears to be a mash-up of various fonts. The iconic “A”, for instance, is sometimes drawn with a stylized rounded edge at the top, and others in a more traditional sans serif font. The C’s, N’s and S’s also vary.

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Instead of matching the font, I decided to reconstruct it, using the characters available. After all, “San Francisco Cam” contains all but 3 of the letters I needed, which I could easily fake. I also decided to tweak the SLR styled clip art, to look more like the LC-A camera I used for my zine. Here’s how it turned out.


And here is how that logo could look on a flier.


Although I love the idea of this logo, I’m not sure I’m digging how it looks currently. I’ll tweak it a bit more this week and see if I can get it to look less cartoony, but still hand drawn and imperfect. What do you guys think?







5 responses to “American Analog Logo Mockup

  1. Christine Clarke Avatar

    That logo is gorgeous!

  2. Barce Avatar

    Great logo!

  3. doc Avatar

    Thanks man, I think the final version is pretty awesome too.

  4. Parker Higgins Avatar
    Parker Higgins

    I think it looks great. Maybe doing something to curve the G down on the end to make it more symmetrical with the A would give the whole thing a little more cohesiveness? But all in all I think it looks awesome, even without knowing the (great) story.

  5. DocPop Avatar

    Oh thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve really started to like the logo, especially with the texture I added (which ill post here soon).
    -Doctor Popular

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