Chip music this Friday in SF at the DNA Lounge

POWPOW Show Flyer

As mentioned previously, I have a busy weekend ahead of me… starting with a show at the DNA Lounge this Friday night. Not just any show, it’s a jam packed chip music showcase put on by the folks at 8bitSF in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference in town this week. Lots of great artists in town, and this is your chance to see them.

I’ll be hitting the stage around 9pm, and will be performing a bunch of new tracks on my Gameboy Advance. I don’t often spread too much hype about my shows, but this one is definitely a do-not-miss show! I’m so excited. I’ll also have copies of Beeps and Smudges, my most recent album, and American Analog, my new zine on hand. Shout out to my friend Dean who’ll be doing visuals for my set and Mike for his awesome flier.






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