Zumi Week: Collecting Glitches

Harinezumi glitch

This week I’m posting a series of posts about the Digital Harinezumi. See them all here.

Many of you may already know, but I tend to alternate between fairly traditional black and white street photography and weird glitchy art. Sometimes I combine the two, most often I keep them separate. In today’s post, I wanted to explore the glitchier side of the Digital Harinezumi, which already has kind of a cool computer look to start with.

I noticed that sometimes when turning on my Harinezumi, I may see a little flickr on the monitor while it boots up. I was surprised to find out that if I timed it just right, I could fire off the shutter and capture this moment as an image. Needless to say I’ve become pretty obsessed with trying to capture these little moments whenever I can, I’ve even found that if I tilt my Zumi down about 45 degrees when turning it on, I’m more likely to catch a good result.

The image at top of this post is one of these single boot-up glitches, and each of the gifs here a just a few of the glitches I’ve collected randomly cycling through. For the hell of it, I tried making a little glitch portrait of my friend here.“>Crashfaster using my Zumi and a few of photoshop’s various layer settings.






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