Zumi Week: Monochrome (Low Res)

Digital Harinezumi (monochrome)
This week I’m posting a series of posts about the Digital Harinezumi. See them all here.

Yesterday I posted some high res (2048 X 1536) black and white images from my digital Harinezumi, so today I wanted to share some low-res shots to see if we could spot a difference. First off, I have to say I might like shooting in low res better. The images don’t look worse to me and the time it takes between firing off shots is half that of the high res mode (for obvious reasons). I’m not sure, but I think the actual “shutter” time is the same in both modes, meaning I won’t have more motion blur in high res, but I can not confirm that. As with yesterday’s batch, I think the pixelation has an almost film-like quality to it, which I ADORE!

Digital Harinezumi (monochrome)
Digital Harinezumi (monochrome)
Digital Harinezumi (monochrome)
Digital Harinezumi (monochrome)





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  1. Barce Avatar

    Pretty cool “grain” in these photos. They look like they were shot with TMAX 400 film pushed to 800.

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