A Vine to rule them all?

I opened the Vine app yesterday to take a peek around and wasn’t too shocked to see no new posts from any of my friends in the last month or so. I was surprised, however, that there haven’t been any new “editor’s picks” in over a month. So when I (and probably most other users) open the app this will be the familiar image there waiting at the top of our feed.

This probably means one of two things:
1. The editors haven’t checked the app since March 20th.
2. This was the greatest Vine of all time… This is as great as it gets so we can all stop trying.

I never really saw much need for Vine myself since I’ve already been loving Lightt for so long. I love Lightt’s interface and I think they continue to rock this mobile-video space even when a new competitor came along. They are also pretty active on their own platform.