It’s a wrap

Photo by @lmc_sf

I knew from the beginning that I’d like each copy of American Analog to come wrapped in a strip of 35mm film, but it took some time to figure out where to get that much. Originally, I had the idea I’d somehow transfer my logo onto each strip of film myself, but time and cost was too prohibitive. As my search continued, I discovered a thriving 35mm movie market on eBay. I wasn’t looking to destroy full length movies, but I figured movie trailers were fair game.

After I picked out a few gems, we had a zine wrapping party at Mission Comics. My friend Jon created the template, then the rest of us cut/folded/wrapped each issue one at time. Most (if not all) of my backers got their issue wrapped in the trailer for City Heat, an agonizingly bad buddy cop film featuring Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood. See if you can find your section in the video above.





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