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Swanko Lab recipes


During one of our weekly Mobile Photography and Storytelling Show podcasts (man, we really gotta work on that name), I was telling some of the other guests about my love of SwankoLab. I’m usually not a fan of photo filtering apps, but SwankoLab (from the makers of Hipstamatic) allows you to create your own “recipes”… and WOW is it great for black and whites. So I thought I’d list a few of my personal recipes for other folks to use. Note: some of these may require buying the “Uncle Stu’s deluxe thingy” pack.

photo 1
1. Vinny’s BL04
2. Noir Fixer

photo 2
Expired Color“:
1. Vinny’s BL04
2. Insty-Tex Hot

photo 1
Grey Lady“:
1. Insty-Tex Cool
2. Finny’s BL04
3. Noir Fixer

And some more examples of SwankoLab in action:

Easy St.



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