American Analog: Double Exposed Glitched Screens

Glitch Double Exposure

As a recent experiment, I wanted to see what it would look like if I glitched images (by messing with them in a text editor), took photos of the glitches on my laptop screen, then rewound the film and spent a day shooting in the Mission. What first looks like over-saturated light leaks, are actually out of focus shots of corrupted images. You can get an idea of my set up in the shot above, and the final results are below (or see the full set on Flickr).

I got the idea for the glitch double exposures after seeing David Pan’s “virtual swap” post on his Ambient Images blog. In it, David does a couple film based double exposures where he cleverly combines Photoshop masks and photos from his photog friends. Check it out.

I used my TF-500 with Lomography’s wonderful 400 ISO color film. When I try this again, I’ll use my LC-Wide and see what it looks like when the glitches are in focus. If you like these results, be sure to check out my exposed-on-both-sides film experiment!

Glitch Double Exposure

Glitch Double Exposure

Glitch Double Exposure

Glitch Double Exposure






3 responses to “American Analog: Double Exposed Glitched Screens

  1. casadresden Avatar

    I just stumbled across this via Petapixel. We are kindred spirits! I love your work and I have also been playing around with this layering of digital and film concept… just a bit differently. Too bad we’re on different coasts, but I’m a big lover of the Bay area so maybe one of these days. 🙂 Great work and cheers!

  2. DocPop Avatar

    I’d love to see some of your results sometime! Thanks.

  3. […] Glitch Double Exposure Image by docpop Double exposures of Mission Street and glitched computer screens. Shot on 400 ISO color negative film and my Ricoh TF-500. More info here. […]

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