Buy American Analog photo zine on the site

I’m working on updating my online shop, but for now I’ve decided to just create a single page for ordering copies of my American Analog zine online. It’s only a flat $10 shipped within the US. Easy! I’ve also created a new video about the zine too. Thanks to my friend David for his work shooting and editing it.



2 responses to “Buy American Analog photo zine on the site

  1. meligrosa Avatar

    ibeen looking fwd to buy it.
    btw (currently) BuyNow> links to just paypal homepage. just out of curiosity did you end up not using square market? im sure you are pro at selling but i was surprised to recently do a UK sale (1 over the pond so far!) as well as globally via wepay (which unlike paypal doesnt require buyers to have/open an account) and it is super simple for me to use, so far no complaints.
    ok thats all. thx!

  2. DocPop Avatar

    I do have a Square Market, but it hasn’t done so well for me. I’ll probably pull it down soon.

    Hoping that not too many users have trouble with Paypal, from my previous experience it was a small drop off from non-paypal users, but the convenience for me made it worth it. I know it’s not great for international, but I’m also trying to ship to the US mostly because it’s so much cheaper and easier (no lines or forms).

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