“Dream Job” a short film shot entirely with the Lightt app

A few months back I decided to try to make an entire short film using the Lightt app, so I hit up my friend David (who worked with me on these great iPhone tips videos) and we created “Dream Job” in just one day. It’s entirely shot and edited with an iPhone 4S and the Lightt app. Actually, we shot it with a beta build of the Lightt app, which didn’t have a bunch of the crop/edit/move features that it does now… so we had to shoot this entire video with real time edits, like making a movie on an old VHS camera, with no post editing at all.

That was tough… but fun. At least we didn’t have to spend anytime editing it. Check out more of my Lightt vids or follow @docpop.

Speaking of dream jobs, I’m still on the hunt for a great day job or part time consulting work if anyone knows of anything. I’m easy to reach. Mostly looking for work as a game designer, but I’ve been working on social media and helping apps as a user evangelist for the past few months as well.






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