Looking for singers, visualists, and musicians to perform with

Wanna sing nerdy pop songs with me? For the past few years I’ve been playing shows using just an iPhone, a Gameboy and my voice, but I’m looking for an extra musician or two to help flesh out my live show while keeping it “laptop free”. Mainly I’m looking for someone to help round out the vocals, so if you like singing along with Moebius Strip Tease or Sweetbread, I think you’ll love some of these new songs too. Hit me up if you are interested!

Aside from vocals, I’d love to add anything to help make the shows more rocking. This could be circuit bent toys, modular synths, live visuals, or even just banging on a snare button every now and then… in fact, the snare thing would be awesome because as much as I love using Nanoloop on my Gameboy, it lacks a certain punch with the snare… and I can’t sync it to
anything… so just adding some backing vocals and snare would be a step in the right direction… though I’m open to other ideas.

I’m currently working on songs for a new EP (or LP) called Rubble Ribble after which I’ll probably start booking more shows again. This would be 1 or 2 shows a month average, with practice being once a week or so after we learn the songs. This new album will almost entirely be made with a Gameboy Advance, but I’m adding some homemade synths, circuit bent toys, and iOS music apps to give it more of that umami flavor we all love.

If you are interested in contributing visuals, bleeps, bops, and vox, please email at yoyogenius@gmail.com and let me know!







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