DIY synthesizer

My homemade DIY Synthesizer

One of the highlights from last weekend’s Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop was the session on building a 4093 NAND Synth. These kits are easy to assemble and sound pretty gnarly, so I bought a few extras to bring back home and spend more time on. Phoebe is the first of these more fleshed out synths. I made her out of a Synthrotek kit and an old board game I found at a thrift shop. This was meant to be a one day project, but it got a little out of hand. I’m glad to finally have the whole thing put together and I’m really glad I took some extra time making her look nice.

Homemade synth
Homemade synth
Homemade synth
Homemade synth






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  1. stoveclock Avatar

    Beautiful! And freakin rad.

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