Gocco karma

That time I jumped out of bed because I checked my RSS feed an saw someone had left a Gocco printer and supplies a couple blocks away. Yes!

— Doctor Popular (@DocPop) June 28, 2013

Thanks to some Craigslist luck, I scored a few extra bulbs and screens for my Gocco printer. Already sitting a box of unused supplies, I promised myself I’d use these pieces to help make some art for friends and local businesses… to help spread the Gocco love. I used the first of my Craigslist score to make some prints with Leef from Mission Comics, as a special gift to his Kickstarter backers. We had a blast making these and couldn’t be any happier with the result.

Print Gocco in action

I still have some screens left and would love to keep spreading the love, so if anyone in the Bay Area has a project they need fliers for, please hit me up and we’ll figure it out.

print gocco flier