Misheard Blackbird Raum lyrics (fan art)

Misheard Blackbird Raum lyrics
The first Blackbird Raum track I fell in love with is “Witches” off of Swidden. A punk song performed on musical saw, accordion, and a washboard, “Witches” is about betraying nature and is filled with fantastically bad-ass lines like “It won’t be the witches that are burning this time.

Another great line “They’re shooting the wolves from helicopters, can you believe that?” always filled my mind with such powerful imagery. The line was stuck in my head for months when, during a road-trip to Yosemite, I suddenly realized they were talking about shooting AT wolves… not literally shooting the wolves out of some awesome wolf cannon.

Based on my original interpretation, I made the painting (at top) of Sarah Palin preparing to fire her wolf cannon at the viewer. I’ve been working on the piece all weekend and I kind of like it. Fan art for a fantastic band. Buy Swidden, their first album, here.






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  1. Christine Clarke Avatar
    Christine Clarke

    We pull our teeth out laying down in easy places, we thicken the air with talk, but cover our eyes up with our hands!

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