The Developer, my 24 hour comic book for 2013

That time I ollied over the Google bus. #24HCD
My newest 24 hour comic book is online now, read it here. I’m usually surprised at all the little things that subconsciously work their way into my 24hr comics, but this year was a little different… The comic isn’t really about anything, but it’s heavily inspired by a) breaking a beautiful uranium glass the night before b) someone complaining about a nice little waffle shop that just opened in the neighborhood c) lots of talk about evictions in the Mission d) my goal to learn how to ollie onto a curb by the end of the year.

So all of these came together in The Developer. This whole comic was created in far under 24 hours, watercolors and all, an you can watch it’s creation in this video. Thanks again to Leef at Mission: Comics And Art, Emanata, and everyone else who attended this year’s event.


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  1. Christine Clarke Avatar
    Christine Clarke

    My biggest regret is not making more monster-faces at the camera.

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