A grainy black and white photo from Critical Mass in SF. The photo shows several bicyclists as seen from behind. One of these bicycles is blowing bubbles, which fill the air. Another of the bicycles is being ridden by a nude man.

American Analog: Critical Mass

A few shots from this year’s Halloween-y Critical Mass ride in SF. Shot on 3200 film, nice and grainy low light stuff. I’m still getting the hang of this scanning stuff. I have a feeling this would’ve been prettier if I had it scanned at Photoworks.

Rickshaw riders
The couple in the shot above paid their Rickshaw driver to take ’em for a ride with Critical Mass.






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  1. Christine Clarke Avatar
    Christine Clarke

    I did wonder about that couple! I was like, “is his costume a petty cab driver, or is he actually taking them into mass for money?”

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