American Analog: Red Rock Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Red Rocks
Shortly after our Vegas wedding, Christine and I took a trip to Red Rock Canyon to climb “Olive Oil”. We hired Cory, a local guide, to pick a spot and bring the gear we were missing which turned out to be a good move. Cory kept us moving easily up the route, which was 600 feet of easy climbing and my first experience with multipitching. Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful park filled with red and white sandstone that looks a lot like bacon. I shot this roll with my LC-A and some Tungsten 64 cross processed film.

Here‘s a shot of Christine and I at the summit… tying the knot!
Tying the knot
Honeymoon in Red Rocks
Honeymoon in Red Rocks
Christine and the climb's log book
Cory flaking the rope





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