American Analog: Twitch.TV

Twitch.TV offices

My first editorial shoot is now live, you can read it on The Daily Dot. It’s a series I did about Twitch.TV’s new offices in SF. I thought it would be cool to use the photos to tell a story of the office’s vibe, rather than just one single image of each scene, so I used my LC-Wide camera to shoot wide angle shots while only advancing each shot half a frame (so the shots would overlap). This gives a sort of double-exposed border where each image blends into each other, meaning the whole film roll looks something like this:
Twitch.TV offices

I then took my favorite 2 or 3 consecutive shots and cropped them into one image. Like these:
Twitch.TV offices
Twitch.TV offices

It was a fun experiment, but maybe a little too ballsy (and in retrospect, scary) for my first assignment. I’m happy with the results though, my only complaint is that I wish I had shot on 800 ISO film, instead of Lomo’s 400 ISO. Be sure to read the article here.





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