Our Vegas Wedding

La Salsa Cantina Las Vegas

On Tuesday of last week I proposed to Christine at a La Salsa Cantina on the Vegas Strip. I was enjoying one of their Mexican Pizzas, or “Pizza” as they say in Mexico, when it happened. There was just something good about it that I thought “This is the type of pizza I’d like to share with someone for the rest of my life.” So I said “You know, we could get married in Vegas.” Not much of a proposal, but it worked.

One way

We had talked about marriage before, but mostly just the stuff we didn’t like about them. We both agreed that if we ever got married it would be something small and stress free, like just the two of us doing a civil marriage before a judge. Getting married in Vegas seemed to meet our criteria.

I had to run a virtual boot on of a Windows machine with IE6 from my MacBook just to fill out Nevada’s online marriage license form. The form was simple, but for some reason required an old copy of Internet Explorer just to handle a few simple drop down tabs. I signed up for a free trial with Saucelabs.com and we got the form filled out within the demo’s 30 minute period. Everything else was shockingly easy.


The reason for this whole trip was to take pictures for this Hyundai/Postagram/Walking Dead booth at the SEMA car show. It was a 9-5 gig that required us both to be dressed up in scrubs and get people to pose in front of zombie survival cars. Timing was tight on this trip, so we had our limo pick us up from the convention center and take us straight to the chapel… we got married the same bloody scrubs we had been wearing that day. When people asked, we told them we just came straight from work and they assumed we were both doctors.

Our Vegas Weddings

The goal was to have a small wedding, but we knew our parents and friends might like to experience it too, so we booked a chapel with Vegas Weddings with the sole purpose of having it streamed live. The ceremony was short and sweet and can be seen here if you anyone wants to see it.

Unfortunately the stream never went live, we were told a number of excuses (this chapel never streams, you didn’t pay for streaming, streaming was down today, etc) and never figured out what went wrong, but we heard that the live stream in the lobby was working so we headed there to pose for our friends.

There was streaming video in the lobby of our wedding chapel, so @jeremybrooks captured this screenshot of us kissing... As a married couple! Hehe.

That was it. I only had the chance to say “fiancé” once before we got hitched, and now I’m still getting used to the word “wife”. Not a damn thing has changed since we got hitched, and I couldn’t be any happier about that. It was like we took this trip to elope from ourselves (and our own fears of getting married), it was fun and spontaneous, but we are still the same couple that can’t stand being away from each other too long.

Wedding Selfie





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  1. Melanie Avatar

    That was a beautiful story, thank you for sharing! The scrubs added a very unique, amusing touch.

  2. Bobby D Avatar
    Bobby D

    Doctor Doc. Kind of like the German title Herr Doctor Professor.

    Thanks for the rundown of events. This seems a most romantic elopement, complete with zombies!

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