Self Edge X Al’s Attire denim hat

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For many years I was Self Edge‘s original denim tailor. Though I did try to keep my purchases there limited, the experience did get me hooked on anything made with good denim. When Self Edge partnered up with Al’s Attire on a small run of denim hats, I eventually decided to pick one up for myself… and it quickly became one of my favorite articles of clothes I’ve ever owned. I wore it everywhere for years and loved watching how the thing had broken in.

I’ve never lost a wallet or a phone, but I lost that hat. Somewhere, somehow, I lost it and that sucked. For the past few years I’ve been searching for replacements, buying any denim hats I could find, but I finally met up with Al and asked him to try re-making that classic SExAA hat that I loved. A month later and I finally have my new/old hat. Picking it up for the first time was crazy, like traveling back in time 4 years to when I first tried the original on. I can’t wait to see how this thing ages.

from al's attire
from al’s attire






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