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Looking back at my work this year, I have to say that the brief experiments I did with 3D film cameras and animated gifs are some of my favorite shots. I think I’d like to step up my stereoscopy game next year, so I decided to pick up some new cameras to mess around with. The first one, used for these shots, is an ImageTech 3D camera which I found on eBay for $5. I used Tri-X film and I’m somewhat happy with the results. The ImageTech uses 3 lenses, rather than the 4 that my Nishika uses. I was hoping this would mean more square formatted images, but it’s the same portrait orientation that you’d find on most 3D film cameras.

It’s a small camera, similar to a disposable point and shoot, and has no options for exposure or focus. Holding it reminded me that I actually had the same exact model camera when I was living in Chattanooga 14 years ago. This one even came packed with coupons and mailer envelopes to send off to the developer in Atlanta to get converted into lenticular prints. I still have some of my old lenticular prints laying around somewhere… wish I had the negatives too!

This camera may be smaller, but I think I’ll be sticking with my Nishikas for future experiments and saving this as a loaner for friends. I’ve also got to say I’m digging the Nishika’s 4 frame animations more than the ImageTech’s 3 frames, which I didn’t expect.








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    Elvis Presley

    Absolutely delicious Doc. Happy New Year and may the art continue!

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