Exquisite Corpse Theatre


My friend Mikl-em has been doing a series of experimental science fiction plays that are written by the audience using “exquisite corpse” techniques. For those unfamiliar, ex-corpse is a creative writing exercise where multiple artists work on parts of the same piece without seeing what each other is doing. To help promote his next run, The Defenders of Intergalactic Donut, he asked the folks at Foul Play Productions and myself to create an exquisite corpse flier. I did the art for the top half in a mix of glitch and watercolor without seeing what the lower half would look like. I love the way they all fit together.

Speaking of Exquisite Corpse Theatre, my friends Mer and Mike will be joining me for the show on December 20th to do a series of Exquisite Corpstraits of attendees. Should be an awesome night to join us!






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