Grand Theft Auto: Valencia St


I’ve been spending a lot of time checking out various gaming engines lately and happened upon this screen shot and thought “Hey, that’s across the street from Zeitgeist… where that fire was!”

Four Alarm

I pinged Unity to find out more about the game and got this response “This is actually demo content we made. So not a real game.”. I’m guessing the similarities are just coincidental, there are probably a thousand other corners in SF that look just like this… but I like to think that someone out there has built there own little version of Grand Theft Auto: San Francisco that we’ll all get to play someday… allowing us to steal a Google bus and crash it into a building!





One response to “Grand Theft Auto: Valencia St

  1. judytuna Avatar

    Can “steal a Google bus and crash it into a building” please get more attention? Is someone on this? Somebody, at least make some MUD or something I MEAN REALLY, YOU’RE SITTING ON A GOLD MINE HERE

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