A new Kickstarter project coming next week

Update: It lives! Go back it now!

Straight on the heels of completing my 1st Kickstarter, I’m excited to announce a new project launching next week! I’ve just wrapped production on my new album, Destroy All Presets, and I’m all set to release it in early February. DAP was almost entirely created on a Game Boy Advance using the Nanoloop cartridge, which is basically the physical cart version of the Nanoloop app I used to make Beeps and Smudges with. I love Nanoloop so much that I’m working Oliver, the program’s creator, to make a limited edition run of Nanoloop carts that come preloaded with my instrumentals on them.

This means you can play or remix my tunes, or make your own, all on an old Game Boy Advance with one of these unique carts.

The project goes live on Monday morning, January 13th. If you are interested, be sure to check it out quickly to grab one of the early bird specials on the GBA cart and other deals. To get notified the minute the project goes live, you can also try following me on Kickstarter.



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  1. Christine Clarke Avatar
    Christine Clarke

    Hnnnnngggg I am so excited!

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