eBoy’s cover for Destroy All Presets

album art by eBoy
It’s been about a week since I announced my Kickstarter project for Destroy All Presets, my first new album in over 3 years, and it’s almost 80% funded. Sooooo close!

Today I’m stoked to finally show the original artwork that eBoy created for this project. Instant classic, right? I love eBoy’s stuff, and I’m especially digging their new polyLOL series, of which this is part of. If anyone was wondering, the cover features all of the instruments (and most of the apps) I used to create Destroy All Presets. Take a stab at identifying them over here.

Please check the project out if you haven’t. You can still pre-order the album for any donation, or grab an exclusive copy of Destroy All Presets on a limited edition Nanoloop for GameBoy Advance cart.



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