Some previews from my upcoming Analog:Glitch show in SF

ANALOG:GLITCH "Punish the Wicked"

This coming Saturday is the opening for my my Analog:Glitch art show in San Francisco. The goal of the show is to mix old school film with digitally tweaked iPhone images to create something weird and new. I’ve got a bunch of pieces I’m still working on for the show, including some really unique back lit Polaroid photos, but for now I wanted to share some previews of my other pieces.

I’ll be posting a new preview piece up each day on Instagram until the opening, so follow @docpop for more. It’s been fun to take these iOS “appsperiments” and tweak them as physical objects. I spent most of the weekend creating the fabric lined backing for each frame and lining up the pieces. I’d like to give a big shout out to Photobooth for hosting the show and Impossible Project for donating some film for me to experiment with.

Opening reception, 6-8pm Saturday March 22nd at Photobooth SF.
Experimental iPhone photography workshop, 1-3pm Sunday March 23rd at Photobooth SF.

Impossible Glitch





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