Pop Music, my weekly radio show on BFF.FM

Pop Cast – 04/24/2014 by Doc Pop on Mixcloud

I’ve recently teamed up with the folks at BFF.FM to do my own weekly radio show called Pop Music. BFF is a great little internet radio station with a great line up of music and talk shows. My show is filled with nerdy, neat, and just plain catchy music with just a little talking (ideally) between the tracks. It airs live each Thursday from noon till 2pm (Pacific) on BFF or you can catch the archived shows on Mixcloud.

The episode up top is my newest episode, featuring Diss Songs, the 25th anniversary of the GameBoy, and the 20th anniversary of Hole’s Live Through This. You should also check out my friend’s shows: Pre-Show Jitters (Mondays noon till 2) and Burrito Justice Radio (Wednesdays noon till 2). Read more about BFF radio here.



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