The Beat Juggle

Pop Music: 05/01/2014 (updated) by Doc Pop on Mixcloud

I’ve been doing new episodes of my Pop Music radio show each Thursday for the past couple months, except for when we were in Bermuda and my buddy Justin covered for me. A few weeks back I did a special segment featuring djs that used turntablism techniques in unusual ways. It’s a pretty good little segment (starting about 48 minutes in) and features a bunch of great tracks by Fog, Kid Koala, Mr Dibbs and more.

While researching the segment, I came across a bunch of videos that I wanted to share:

DJ Troubl’s Prefuse 73 routine – Troubl puts his spin on the beat from Prefuse’s “Desks Pencils Bottles” (one of my favorites!)

Drunk Trumpet – A classic Kid Koala routine

Pneumonia (album version) – I wish I could’ve found a live version of this, I remember seeing one years back with Andrew singing and scratching at the same time. I play Coldcut’s remix of this fantastic song on the show, here is the original… full of beat juggled beats with live guitars.

Moon River – Kid Koala’s juggle of a classic track. Would have loved it if he mixed in different versions of this same song.

War Pigs Routine – You may have seen this routine if you’ve ever seen Atmosphere live. Mr Dibbs kills it on this one.

Dexta’s routine – A battle routine filled with classic rock tracks (Beatles, Hendrix) and jazz.

Tigerstyle’s Radiohead scratch – OK computers, I’m just throwing this in cause he used Radiohead for the main melody.

Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra – this is weird

Beat Juggling Explained – breaks down some of the techniques to beat juggling.

Scratch – a feature length documentary on turntablism

Let me know if I missed any cool routines in the comments below.


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