Know And Tell: a series of creative workshops


As I’ve bounced around from hobby to hobby throughout the years, there’s always been someone there to help show me the ropes. Online or in person, the creative community is filled with people who love to help. That’s why I wanted to try doing my own series of workshops called Know and Tell. Each Wednesday in August I’ll be leading a different hands on workshop on subjects that I’m extremely passionate about. Some of these are workshops I’ve given many times before, others are one of workshops that I’ll probably never do again. Here’s the list of classes below… if the response is good, I’m hoping to continue this Know and Tell workshop series with other featured artists.

Making Music with Nanoloop for Mobile- August 6th
In 2010 I released my first all-iPhone-album using Nanoloop. Since then the app has gotten better and ported to Android. In this workshop we’ll walk through the basics of writing a song in Nanoloop for mobile.

Glitching Images With Simple Text Editors– August 13th
Breaking things is fun! I’ve certainly spent plenty of time using glitch apps like Decim8 for the iPhone, but glitching images with text editors is surprisingly easy. In this workshop we’ll go through the basics of text glitches and see how the effect differs from format to format.

Creating stereoscopic GIFs
(aka Wigglegrams) – August 20th
I’ve been knee deep in my 3D City photo project and constantly get asked how I create the images. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to use Photoshop to easily align two or more images, animate them with the somewhat hidden Animation Timeline, and best practices for saving these GIFs.

Making Music With Nanoloop 2.0 for Game Boy Advance– August 27th
I’ve been waiting on doing this workshop until I finally get my shipment of Nanoloop carts out of US Customs… but I’ve decided to do this workshop no matter what. In this workshop we’ll cover the basics of Nanoloop for GBA including: copying/pasting songs, saving patterns, arranging patterns into songs, and tricks for creating my favorite sounds.


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