Christine's Cracked Screen Wallpaper

Christine’s Cracked Screen Wallpaper

A few weeks back, Christine accidentally dropped her Nexus 4 down a big ass hill [edit: Christine wants me to mention it hit a lot of rocks]. The screen cracked and the phone was totally shot, so she ditched it for a Nexus 5. The first thing we did with her new camera was photograph her old phone’s screen and make it her new wallpaper. It looks AWESOME! So awesome that I went back in tonight and created a ton of ready made wallpapers for you guys to use. Let me know if you have any requests.

iPhone 4s and lower


iPad (set up so it can rotate the wallpaper)

Android Nexus 5

Nexus 5 with scroll

Optimus LG

iPhone 6+

iPhone 6

Xperia Z


20 responses to “Christine’s Cracked Screen Wallpaper

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  2. Benjamin Avatar

    Love this. Rocking it now 🙂

  3. […] Christine cracked the screen of her phone in an unfortunate mishap, Doctor Popular decided toturn the cracked screen into a wallpaper for a variety of mobile devices. Now mobile users can enjoy the unintentional beauty of a cracked […]

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  5. hirnverbrandt Avatar

    Put it on my iPhone 4s …

  6. DocPop Avatar

    That’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing it too.

  7. […] You can pick up the wallpaper for your mobile device here! […]

  8. […] You can pick up the wallpaper for your mobile device here! […]

  9. […] You can pick up the wallpaper for your mobile device here! […]

  10. […] You can pick up the wallpaper for your mobile device here! […]

  11. […] You can pick up the wallpaper for your mobile device here! […]

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  13. ?????? ?????? ?????? Avatar
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    galaxy s4 tem

  14. […] Voici un fond d’écran pour le moins original qui va vous permettre de faire croire à vos amis que l’écran de votre smartphone est cassé. Ce Wallpaper qui ne ressemble à aucun autre a été conçu à partir d’un véritable écran cassé d’un Nexus 4 puis adapté sur plusieurs formats que je vous propose de télécharger gratuitement sur le site du concepteur Christine. […]

  15. Maxime Barras Avatar
    Maxime Barras

    Could you please do it for Xperia Z ? 😀

  16. DocPop Avatar

    Added it, thanks for the request. Let me know if it works.

  17. doc Avatar

    I dropped my iPhone one too many times, so it was time to finally upgrade. Before I ditched my iPhone 6, I captured one last photo of the screen and converted it into this wallpaper you can download and use on your iPhone X (or most other phones). I think it looks particularly cool with the perspective mode on.

    Hi res broken iPhone wallpaper

    I’ve also created a few other broken screen wallpapers throughout the years, like this one I made from Christine’s phone.

    click here for Christine’s cracked screen

    Or this one I made from Benny Gold’s cracked phone.

    click here for Benny’s broken screen

  18. doc Avatar

    When Christine cracked her Android screen last year, I took some shots and turned them into a fantastic wallpaper (which you can download here free). So when my buddy Benny Gold showed me his cracked iPhone screen, I snapped some quick shots to do it all again. You can download the large version of this wallpaper here, and it should be usable for most mobile devices.
    If there are any specific requests, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to hook you up. Bonus points if you research the dimensions in advance, so I don’t have to. ie “iPhone 7+ (1080pxl x 1920pxl)

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