My inbox zine residency, Patreon update, and Kickstarter


A bunch of neat things happening, so here’s a recap:

I’m this month’s artist for Electric Dreaming, a new weekly zine for your inbox. Each week this month I’ll be sharing an exclusive new 3D wiggle-gif. Here is this week’s issue, with a handy subscribe button in the top bar.

The 3D City Patreon project is live and looking for love. I’m half way through this year long project and I’d like to keep the quality up. I’ve reached my first milestone and I’m trying to go for the next. Any amount helps.

3D City Patreon campaign from on Vimeo.

I’ve started working on a cool new Kickstarter (probably) project. It’s a 24 page comic called Got Hates Dinosaurs. It’s a ridiculous little story that was created in the style of a Chick Tract. The goal is to print up 1,000 and hand them out to strangers without any context. Just to make them smile. Shooting the video in a week, project should be live in January.

We’ve finally re-ordered the Nanoloop carts. Back in August I wrote about how my year got totally thrown off track when all of my expensive Kickstarter rewards got sucked up in US Customs. We still haven’t heard anything about them, but the shipper has finally gotten his insurance back on them and has just placed a new order. The stress this whole thing has caused has really been hard on me, and I’m looking forward to moving on to a whole bunch of new projects and building that confidence back up again over 2015 (starting with God Hates Dinosaurs, then a new album, then more public art).





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