Trying something new- feedback for an upcoming Kickstarter project

Screenshot 2014-12-14 21.02.30

Here’s an idea… I’m designing my next Kickstarter project, a modest art project that’s part comic book/part social experiment, and I’d like your help. If you like voicing your opinion about crowdfunding projects, mini-comics, & art-pranks, please check out this draft for my upcoming project and share your feedback on the page’s comments.

The link is public, feel free to share, but remember it’s a draft. We are shooting the video tomorrow (Monday, December 15th) so if you have any feedback about the script (things you like, things you didn’t) let me know. Does the project make sense? Do the rewards seem right? How can that short project blurb be written better? I’ll be tweaking the page throughout the week and hope to have it live soon… like January 1st maybe.







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