Discovering the Undiscovered photo list


Today I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the SF Apple store about some of the weirder and lesser known iPhone photo apps. The talk was done in conjunction with Apple and Flickr and it’s one of my favorite iOS workshops yet. We didn’t record video from the event, but I did want to share the full list of apps I mentioned, as well as today’s slideshow and a video full of tips for Hipstamatic users.

Seene – 3D modeling and texture mapping
Wiggif – create wigglegram gifs
Hyperlapse – like a digital steadycam
Giffer Pro – import your own photos and create your own animated gifs
Glitch Wizard – import video (or still photo) export glitched video (or glitched still)
Decim8 – classic iOS glitch app
Databender – particularly cool for creating compression errors in video
Hipstamatic – The classic “film camera” app. Press the volume up button for rapid fire mode, volume down for full screen mode. Don’t forget to go to settings>Hipstamatic to turn of shake to randomize and turn viefinder to

If you love glitch apps, be sure to check out my complete list of iOS glitch apps.







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