3D shots from 8bitSF

For this week’s 3D City column (on MissionMission), I posted a bunch of wigglegrams of Bit Shifter from a recent 8bitSF show. Since I still had a bunch of great photos from that night on my roll, I thought I’d share them here. These were taken with my Nimslo on 800 iso color film. For the flash, I used a Flashq Bluetooth remote trigger that I scored on Indiegogo (for anyone interested I recommend their new project here). This allowed me to play with different lighting angles as well as “hiding” the flash in the shot for creative lighting. Super fun!

These shots include 8bitSF regulars: Crashfaster, Noukon, Minusbaby, Together We are Robots, Emi Spicer, Bit Shifter, and Nick Drexler.


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  1. Nick Drexler Avatar
    Nick Drexler

    Love the lighting in that first bitshifter shot.

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