“Dealing With It” art show in SF this weekend


Dealing With It is an upcoming art show that asks artists how they deal with shitty situations. For my piece, “Shipped”, I decided to refer to how I had a hundred of my custom made Game Boy carts disappear in the US Customs warehouse in NYC… and how I felt nearly a year later when we finally shipped all of the replacement carts to all of my backers. Last year started off great, but when my carts went missing it really sent me on a deep depression, ultimately preventing me from even attempting any of my big projects for the year.


It may look silly, but this piece represents how I felt the moment I knew I could finally let go of the shame and embarrassment of letting my fans down. In this painting, I’m not just celebrating the completion of one project, but it’s also the moment I knew I could commit to move on to bigger projects in the near future.

over it

Dealing With It opens Saturday April 4th at Mission Comics and runs till the end of the month. Come to our opening reception Saturday night from 7-10pm.


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