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Fallout Shelter Tips

Loading screen tips from Fallout Shelter for iOS

Like many of you, I’ve been completely hooked on Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter game for iOS. It’s addictive, and silly, and artistically well done. I even like, for the most part, the way they kept the in-game tutorial really breif and let you figure things out on your own. After a couple of play throughs though, I noticed they added a bunch of really great tips into the loading screens. Since these weren’t collected anywhere easy to see, I thought I’d rip open the app file (which is cleverly named “underground.ipa” btw) and compile the tips into one big list. I’ve added emphasis to the tips that I found particularly helpful.

  1. Successfully Rushing will give you the room’s regular rewards plus a special bonus! [Doc’s note: Do this frequently… Seriously like anytime the risk is below 50%. It’s an easy way of  generating CAPS and experience with very little damage to your dwellers]
  2. Assign Dwellers to production rooms to obtain resources.
  3. Rooms run on Power. Dwellers run on Food and Water.
  4. Dwellers with high Strength perform better on Power rooms.
  5. Dwellers with high Perception perform better in Water rooms.
  6. Dwellers with high Agility perform better in Food rooms.
  7. Build a Medbay to produce Stimpaks.
  8. Build a Science Lab to produce RadAways.
  9. Upgrading a room will make it more efficient and give you more storage.
  10. The Weight Room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Strength.
  11. The Armory room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Perception.
  12. The Fitness Room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Endurance.
  13. The Lounge will allow you to train a Dweller’s Charisma.
  14. The Classroom will allow you to train a Dweller’s Intelligence.
  15. The Athletics Room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Agility.
  16. Successfully Rushing will give you the room’s regular rewards plus a special bonus!
  17. The Game Room will allow you to train a Dweller’s Luck.
  18. Build Storage Rooms to increase your Vault’s Weapon and Outfit holding capacity.
  19. There are higher tier versions of the production rooms that are more efficient, but more expensive.
  20. If you are out of building space on a floor, build an elevator to access lower parts of your Vault.
  21. Build Medbays and Science Labs to increase your limit of Stimpaks and RadAways.
  22. Rooms farthest from a power source will shut down first.
  23. The longer a Dweller survives in the Wasteland, the better gear they will find.
  24. When a room finishes production, you have a chance to get bonus CAPS based on the Dwellers
  25. Tap a Dweller’s SPECIAL chart for more details.
  26. During a Raider attack, flashing resource bars means they are stealing your resources!
  27. When a Dweller is assigned to the Radio room it will increase all Vault Dwellers happiness.
  28. You can rename a Dweller by tapping their name on the Dweller information pop-up.
  29. You can skip 1 Objective each day by tapping the X on the Objective screen.
  30. If a room is full of Dwellers, the Dweller with the lowest stat for that room will swap places with the new Dweller.
  31. You can get free Lunchboxes for completing some Objectives. [Doc’s note: focus on these types of objectives… These specific tasks can often result in 500 CAPS or special Dwellers with high stats & accessories]
  32. Confused how something works? Check the VDSG in the Pip-Boy for help.
  33. You can assign Dwellers to the Vault entrance to act as guards.
  34. Upgrading your Vault entrance will make it harder for Raiders to break in.
  35. Need extra CAPS? You can sell weapons and outfits from your Vault storage.
  36. Higher level Dwellers with high SPECIAL have a better chance of surviving in the Wasteland.
  37. You can sort the Dweller list by tapping on the column names.
  38. Tap on the resource bars at the top of the screen for more details on your resource storage.
  39. Your Dweller does not suffer damage or radiation when returning from the Wasteland.
  40. Each SPECIAL stat increases a Dweller’s effectiveness in the Wasteland in its own way.
  41. To quickly check on your Dwellers exploring, just tap directly on the Wasteland.
  42. Raiders can strike any time, be sure to have Dwellers ready and on guard!
  43. Radio rooms attract new Dwellers and improve the happiness in your Vault.
  44.  A nuclear winter is cold, keep warm with Vault-Tec!
  45. Vault-Tec. We’ll be there! Vault-Tec.






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  2. Johny300 Avatar

    if you help yourself with extra LUNCHBOXES check this : http://goo.gl/Eizh9b

    Im using it with my Galaxy S4 and works fine 😉

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