“Moebius Strip Tease” a silly new music video

We’ve just finished the music video for “Moebius Strip Tease“, one of my favorite songs off of Destroy All Presets. It’s a silly video that we shot over a weekend in SF, then Noukon spent months and months editing. Big thanks to Blake Morse for directing, Noukon for post-production, and Michael Szymanski for creating the original pixel art.

If you are in San Francisco, come celebrate the video’s release with us tomorrow at the DNA Lounge.


Moebius Strip Tease still

Moebius Strip Tease still



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2 responses to ““Moebius Strip Tease” a silly new music video

  1. Comparini Avatar

    Hi, what app u use for the moving letters?

  2. DocPop Avatar

    I use Legend. It’s a great app for iOS. You can get it here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/legend-animate-text-in-video/id945320876?mt=8

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