Vote for the Glitch Socks on Betabrand!

I just launched a collaboration with Betabrand that I’m really stoked about. Many of you might already know that for the past few years I’ve been trying make a series of glitched-knit-sweaters. Trying to find a source for the sweaters has been difficult and many of my factory connections have slowly stopped responding to me. So when I Liz from Betabrand reached out to me I thought it would be awesome to scale the project down a little bit and try doing a series of glitched out socks.

I’ve already been working on this for years, so I had a lot of the copy and designs down, but doing it with Betabrand means this project might finally get made. It also gave me a chance to look at everything from a new angle and I decided that along with the glitched out patterns, it’d be great to include some classic crash screens that would instantly evoke strong memories for many who saw them.

Doc’s Socks are currently in the voting process and I’d love it if you could go over and vote for your favorite pairs. Things are looking good so far, so hopefully these things will make it out of the Think Tank and into production sometime soon!

Glitch Socks: BSoD





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