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This past week has been crazy for me. Crazy exciting and crazy busy. On Monday I signed a contract to create an animation for an artist who’s work has inspired me since my teens. I submitted two finished designs last night and hope they decide to use both of them. Above is a little sneak preview of that.

Later in the week I met with someone at Betabrand and pitched them a line of my designs that I think will fit perfectly with both our brands. It sounds like the best thing to do there is to start small, so I’m starting with a set of socks that will go into their Think Tank program for voting. If that works, they’ll go into production and I’ll get to start on the next part of the series. If not, I’ll have some great experience and maybe get my name out in front of Betabrand’s crowd.

Progress on our Sweet Ride game is coming along and I’ve been having fun making Trixel art for it. I’ll share some Trixel Art pieces in another post soon.

We’ve also been working on a HUGE new update for SquirrelWarz that has some big gameplay changes focused on making it easier for new players to grok our game.

Something else I’m super excited about is signing on with WP Engine as an official employee. I’ve been working with them as a contractor since November and think this is a great step for both of us. I’ve loved working on projects like Gif The Halls with them and now I’m getting a chance to learn all sorts of new skills.





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