Drawing DIY Silly Surgical Masks

I’ve spent the past few days at Stanford Children’s Hospital, visiting with my brother-in-law after some recent heart surgery. Due to a light cough, I had to wear a mask during my visits in the ICU, but nobody said I couldn’t have a little fun making my silly surgical masks a little sillier.

Visiting fam in the ICU.
Day four visiting the ICU.
Each mask took about 30 minutes to work on. Mostly because of the odd shape of the mask, which was hard as hell to draw on when bent. For all of these DIY masks I used my Kuretake brush pen, so I didn’t have to have a flat surface below the paper. I’m glad I had it with me. If you are going to make your own mask, be sure to avoid toxic inks and Sharpies (which are non-toxic, but shouldn’t be near your mouth or nostrils).
Hospital mask
A final mask for the night.

bonus shot: here’s an uplifting yet oddly depressing DIY menorah made of syringes.
Visiting fam in the ICU.






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