How I celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Around 5pm on January 21st, I had a little meet-up in my studio to chat with some strangers about my tips and tricks for crowdfunding campaigns. Folks started arriving 1 at a time and it wasn’t until the 5th (and final person) arrived that anyone mentioned the fact that I was dressed head to toe in a squirrel outfit.

It was National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Some friends and I made a cute real time strategy game called SquirrelWarz and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use some made up holiday to promote our game. Mike made some new art and we dropped the price.

I’m really proud of SquirrelWarz, so I’m hoping that after a day of promoting it we found some new players. It’s tough building an audience for an iOS game.

SquirrelWarz, a real time strategy game for iPad from SquirrelWarz on Vimeo.

Speaking of SquirrelWarz, I’ve been working on the soundtrack some more and I’m excited to say a full orchestra will be doing a short performance of one of the game’s songs this Tuesday morning around 9am (Pacific time). You can watch the stream live here. Of course I’ll share the recording later when the album is finished.


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