Flipcircle, a new twist on the Gyroscopic Flop

Back in 2007 I started working on a new yo-yo trick called the Gyroscopic Flop. It’s a neat trick where you use gyroscopic procession to flip a yo-yo 180 degrees on it’s X axis. There have been some cool variations on this trick since then, including some people who only flip the yo-yo 90 degrees then start doing ordinary tricks on a horizontal plane.

It’s been a while since I tried experimenting with flops, so yesterday I started working out a way to flip the yo-yo 90 degrees horizontally and then 90 degrees vertically. The goal was to do a flop style trick that didn’t end up with the yo-yo spinning in the opposite direction. It took a lot of debugging, but I’ve finally got the trick down pretty consistently.






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