Friday Playlist: >, Amanda Palmer, Big Sur, Tricky, and 8Bit Weapon

I’ve found so many new great new records lately, so I decided to round them up into a nice little Friday playlist for y’all to enjoy:

> by >
A self titled release by > full of instrumental chiptunes with heavy emphasis on the drum sequencing. All sounds come directly off of their Gameboy and I’m jealous of how well produced this sounds. The first track is what really pulled me in, but there are parts of this album where I wish there was something extra layered on top. I’d love to hear a vocalist over some of these tracks.

Strung Out In Heaven by Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer covers Bowie and it’s fucking wonderful. Though the album was quickly put together, it doesn’t sound it. Her cover of “Black Star” might even be better than the original. Not to be confused with Vitamin String Quartet’s populer “Strung Out On…” series (Strung Out On Radiohead and Strung Out On Indie Rock being some highlights for me). Note: Amanda just dropped me a note that I got the album name wrong. It’s Strung Out In Heaven, not Strung Out On Bowie, I just fixed that.

Skilled Mechanics by Tricky
Tricky’s best album in years. Lots of great collaborations going on here.

Digital Gardens by Big Sir
Sounds like Le Tigre meets Brainiac. I dig that the album alternates between studio sessions and live performances pretty seamlessly. The live recordings definitely have a more punk vibe to them.

Disassembly Language: Ambient Music for Deprogramming Vol. 1 by 8 Bit Weapon
Great ambient music pumping out of a Commodore 64’s SID chip. The music was written with relaxation in mind, but I find it great background music for working to.






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  2. Jeremy Brooks Avatar

    Thanks, Doc! Picked up the Amanda Palmer and Tricky.

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