Playing cards spread out on a table. Each card is covered with a sticker. The stickers were printed on a home jetink printer, so the quality isn't great, but they are easy to see what the final cards could look like. The images on these cards are stylish isometric shapes.

Playtesting a new game with label paper and a cheap deck of cards

I started working on a new card game on Thursday afternoon and had a playable prototype by the end of the day. The game is called ROM and it’s a fun twist on the classic Memory game, but with power ups and other strategies. I created the art in Hexels Pro, doing my normal trixel art thing, then printed arranged the art on a 3 by 3 grid and printed it onto a couple of sheets of label paper using a cheap color printer. Later, I dropped into a Fed Ex/Kinkos and hogged their paper trimmer to cut up my cards. Using a $2 deck of cards from Mission St, I began sticking my art on to the cards. It’s perfect for playtesting.

ROM being played
A close up of a DIY playing
ROM art printed on paper with a sticky back. These can be cut up and attached to playing cards

After doing a ton of playtesting over the weekend, my next step is to tweak the art a little more, then order a nice deck from GameCrafters. If I think folks really like the result, I’ll probably do it as my next Kickstarter project. I’ve been wanting to do a board game for a while.



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7 responses to “Playtesting a new game with label paper and a cheap deck of cards

  1. Randy Lubin Avatar

    Looks great – bring it to one of our playtests!

  2. DocPop Avatar

    I’d love to. When are those again? I’ll be back in SF this weekend.

  3. Randy Lubin Avatar

    We’ve been running them monthly and organizing on the facebook group (which you’re already in). Next one is Feb 28th – hope to see you then!

  4. DocPop Avatar

    Thanks! I don’t use FB often and didn’t even realize I was in that group. I found the date though and I hope to see you there.

  5. mattberan Avatar

    Can’t wait to support or download it!

  6. […] Playtesting a new game with label paper and a cheap deck of cards […]

  7. Jeremy Brooks Avatar

    Nice! Looking forward to backing this one.

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