Playtesting a new game with label paper and a cheap deck of cards

Play testing ROM

I started working on a new card game on Thursday afternoon and had a playable prototype by the end of the day. The game is called ROM and it’s a fun twist on the classic Memory game, but with power ups and other strategies. I created the art in Hexels Pro, doing my normal trixel art thing, then printed arranged the art on a 3 by 3 grid and printed it onto a couple of sheets of label paper using a cheap color printer. Later, I dropped into a Fed Ex/Kinkos and hogged their paper trimmer to cut up my cards. Using a $2 deck of cards from Mission St, I began sticking my art on to the cards. It’s perfect for playtesting.


Play testing ROM
Play testing ROM

After doing a ton of playtesting over the weekend, my next step is to tweak the art a little more, then order a nice deck from GameCrafters. If I think folks really like the result, I’ll probably do it as my next Kickstarter project. I’ve been wanting to do a board game for a while.



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  • Looks great – bring it to one of our playtests!

  • I’d love to. When are those again? I’ll be back in SF this weekend.

  • We’ve been running them monthly and organizing on the facebook group (which you’re already in). Next one is Feb 28th – hope to see you then!

  • Thanks! I don’t use FB often and didn’t even realize I was in that group. I found the date though and I hope to see you there.

  • mattberan

    Can’t wait to support or download it!

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  • Nice! Looking forward to backing this one.