A preview of my next Kickstarter project… feedback please!

This week I’m planning on launching my next Kickstarter project… a comic book called Far Away.

Before it goes live, I’ve made the project draft viewable by anyone with the link, because I’m looking to get feedback.

If you have the chance, I’d REALLY appreciate it if you took a look at the page and gave me some feedback. Is the goal realistic? Are the goals enticing enough? Is there some reward I’ve left of? Is the title and description PERFECT?

Please let me know your suggestions, and remember I’m always down to help you with your project drafts too.

Screenshot 2016-04-10 18.53.55






3 responses to “A preview of my next Kickstarter project… feedback please!

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  2. Natalie Freed Avatar
    Natalie Freed

    Hi! Great video (I love the paper animations) and beautiful illustrations! A few tiny details: “Several probes are sent out to explore new planets and search for enemy bases. Some succeed. Most did not.” -> tenses are inconsistent. “Forray” -> I think most common spelling is “foray.” Also, not totally necessary, but I often find it helpful when Kickstarter projects show some sort of visual of what the various rewards include!

  3. DocPop Avatar

    Thanks so much for the feedback, Natalie. I’ve updated the copy and I love the idea of adding a photo of the rewards. It’s always weird for me to share an image of rewards that aren’t yet made, but I think I can figure out something clever… visuals of rewards ALWAYS helps me as a backer, so I should do it here as well.

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