My Apple Store talk on experimental iPhone photography

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I had a great time hanging out at the downtown Apple Store in San Francisco today, talking about experimental iPhone photography and apps. Thanks to everyone who came out. It’s kind of cool to think my weird little talk might be the last presentation they ever have in that store (the new shop is opening real soon).

As promised, I’m going to share the apps and my full slides from today’s talk for anyone to reference. If I missed anything, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list:

3D iPhone apps

Seene– Amazing app that captures a photo and overlays it on a 3D texture map.

Fyuse– Uses the accelerometer to make short looping videos appear 3D.


Glitch Apps

Glitch Wizard– Great for converting videos into glitchy masterpieces. 

Decim8– Great fun for weird static photo glitches. Check out the two filters that were inspired by me: Dr Ocular and Kompliance.

Other weird apps

Hyperlapse– A free video app from Instagram. Stabilizes your video as you record.

InstaCRT– Takes your photo and sends it to a CRT monitor in Sweden… where it gets recaptured, with a DSLR, and sent back to your iPhone. Crazy!

Giffer Pro– A fun gif making app. Great for taking several photos and animating them.

FrontView– Take any image and make it symmetrically lined up. Great for architecture.

SKRWT– Also great for architecture. Change perspective, warp, or align.

Percolator– Just bizarre app that converts photos into circle things.

Waterlogue– My favorite painting app, from the maker of Percolator.

AutoPainter– Another cool photo “painter”. Great for classical styles, like Monet and Van Gogh.

The slideshow

Here’s the slides too. Unfortunately, the videos contained do not animate.

Creative iPhone with Doc Pop from Doctor Popular



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