Announcing The Executive: a brand new miniature yo-yo

The Executive Yo-Yo

I’m happy to announce that I’m launching a new yo-yo project with my friend Ernest Kahn next Tuesday, July 5th, on Kickstarter. It’s called The Executive and it’s a high performance miniature yo-yo. It’s made in the USA by the awesome folks at One Drop Design.

Yo-yo design is at an all time, but yo-yos keep getting bigger and bigger. Over the years, I found myself leaving my yo-yo at home more and more because I didn’t want to cram it into my pocket. That’s why I’m so excited about The Executive, a killer yo-yo that can fit into your coin pocket. The project goes live in a week and will have a VERY special color option that will only be available for the first 24 hours. So mark your calendars now!

The Executive Pocket Yo-Yo







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    Justin Lalande

    It’s beautiful

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